Why Thermomass?

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Thermomass – Products

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Technical Resources

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Project Profiles

Thermomass products have been used in thousands of projects – from single family homes to professional sports arenas. We are experts in helping our clients planning high performance walls for any application. See Thermomass projects…

Building a Home?

Insulated concrete can be finished in any number of ways, making it a great choice for comfortable, energy-efficient homes. Learn more…

Global Partners

We provide local service, support and expertise in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Learn more about our global partners.

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     !!! Attention !!!

Our new german permit Z-21_8-1911 was signed on the 25th August 2017!

Important changes:

– Diagonal Connector implemented

– Insulation thickness increased to 250 mm

– Twist Connector for 250 mm possible

– Possibility for increasing grid by using Diagonal Connectors


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At THERMOMASS, high-performance walls are passion. For over 30 years, THERMOMASS helped customers from around the world design and build concrete sandwich walls that exceeded the expectations for durability, energy-efficiency and environmental responsibility. Learn more about what makes THERMOMASS different.

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