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Insulated concrete can be finished in any number of ways, making it a great choice for comfortable, energy-efficient homes.

Concrete is relatively inexpensive and is one of the most durable and flexible construction materials available. Couple that with the added features and benefits of Thermomass, and you can keep your house construction well within budget.

In fact it’s a common misconception that block and brick or stick built construction methods are less expensive than using insulated concrete. When all factors are considered, there is no more economical way than sandwich wall construction featuring Thermomass insulation.

Properly constructed homes built with insulated concrete can offer superior performance under anticipated elements of nature, such as rodents, insects, fire, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. In fact, these homes can be expected to stand for many decades with no structural degradation.


Insulated concrete can be finished in any number of ways, making it a great choice for energy-efficient office buildings

Walls insulated with Thermomass insulation systems provide superior energy efficiency.

Our composite connectors are so low in conductivity that there is virtually no energy transference from the outside. This translates into less temperature fluctuations inside so you can run your HVAC equipment less while still providing a comfortable office environment.

Thermomass insulated concrete buildings can be constructed with a variety of finishes. Colored concrete and textured paints can be combined with reveals for an unlimited array of effects. Cast-in thin brick can authentically reproduce masonry buildings.

The look of the building is limited only by the imagination of the designer.