System DW

System DW was developed specifically for the European double-wall market. With its light-weight design, it is a popular choice for residential and commercial structures. In North America, it is growing in popularity due to the need to create economical and efficient structures.

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Thermomass System DW

A popular choice in Europe, this system’s use is growing in North America due to the need for economical yet highly efficient commercial and residential structures.

Thermomass System DW is a patented insulation system designed to create a precast concrete double wall. Much like a traditional precast sandwich wall panel, double walls incorporate a highly efficient layer of rigid insulation into the wall assembly, providing concrete with thermal efficiency and moisture prevention.  However, the main reasons for choosing to use a double-wall in lieu of a sandwich wall are weight and structural connection improvements.

Precast walls utilizing System DW have been constructed with two wythes of concrete separated by an air void and a layer of rigid insulation. The two wythes of concrete are held together with Thermomass Series AG connectors, allowing the insulation to be secured to one wythe of concrete while also providing an air gap between the insulation and second wythe of concrete.

This process creates an insulated wall that weighs less than traditional precast concrete sandwich walls and therefore costs less. Also, because of the significant weight reduction, the panels can actually be manufactured to a larger size than normally allowed or a larger quantity of the panels can be sent on a single shipment.

Once delivered to the job-site and erected into place, the void is filled with grout, creating a monolithic connection between the wall panels.

For years, precast double walls have been in use around the world, and for more than 20 years they have been a popular choice for residential and commercial structures in Europe. In North America, their use has been limited, but is growing in popularity, due in large part for the need to create economical yet highly efficient commercial and residential structures.

Thermomass System DW has obtained all applicable building code approvals (DIBT approval Z-21.8-1911), allowing the product to be used throughout the European Union.

System DW joins many other systems from Thermomass as having obtained the highest level of approvals in the industry.