Data Centers/Technology

From online games to shopping to banking, nearly every person and every business relies on instant and secure data. Large companies across the world are building massive data centers to house and support servers and software applications for millions of users worldwide.

These facilities consume huge amounts of energy to operate – a fact that actually limits their size. Curretn data center designs are typically limited by the amount of energy the local energy providers will allow them.

Given this hurdle, Thermomass insulation systems have been an ideal choice for data centers. Thermomass insulation systems are designed and constructed for a positive output per dollar. Since the envelope maximzes energy efficiency, less energy is needed to condition the air. That means more energy is available for computer hardware and servers.

Less strain on the HVAC equipment allows it work more efficiently, reducing the likelihood of it becoming unstable, failing, and threatening the complex equipment housed within the building.

Additionally, since most buildings incorporating Thermomass insulation systems are constructed on a slab, the use of an expensive and inefficient raised floor is eliminated. HVAC systems can then be designed to work holistically, where hot air and cold air are not constantly.

Data centers are a relatively new market, butin a short period of time, Thermomass has proven to be a great solution for their construction. This thought was reflected by Rick Hansen, senior project manager at St. Louis based architectural firm, H+H Architects, who recently said, “Durability, strength, and thermal value properties make Thermomass the ideal solution.”