While security is paramount in correctional facilities, durability, energy efficiency, constructability, and cost effectiveness of the structure are equally important. Modern day correctional facilities, both public and private, are obviously faced with many challenges, but a building designed with Thermomass helps address many of them.

Energy Efficiency

More than ever, public correctional facilities struggle for funding. Not only to design and construct, but to operate. Through proper insulation strategies and detailing, Thermomass insulation systems can contribute greatly towards a reduction in heating and cooling costs, thereby reducing operational costs.

Many buildings are designed to meet the USGBC’s LEED rating program, and a building designed with Thermomass insulation systems meet many of the criteria, especially EA credit 1.


While correctional facilities generate many good paying jobs, I don’t know many people who want a correctional facility constructed in their backyard. With that, many facilities are constructed in remote locations. With insulation systems for a variety of construction methods, Thermomass can be incorporated into almost any design. Whether it be tilt-up in eastern Wyoming, precast in southern Colorado, or cast-in-place in Alaska, the ability to work with harsh weather conditions and availability of regional materials is easy for Thermomass.

Cost Effectiveness

Whether it be a public facility or a private one, facilities need to control construction costs. Through innovative designs such as a precast concrete housing module with an insulated exterior wall or site-cast tilt-up for recreational and administration buildings, reducing redundant systems and optimizing space are two ways that Thermomass can help a county, state, federal government, or private operator construct a facility at the right price.

With over 500 correctional facilities in our resume, Thermomass systems have proven to be cost effective, constructible, and energy efficient, regardless of location.

The following project profiles will help you learn more about the specific benefits provided by Thermomass insulation systems and concrete sandwich wall construction.