Thermomass System NC

Over the past 30 years, System NC has been used in more than 100-million square feet of tilt-up and precast construction world-wide.

Thermomass System NC is the most widely used Thermomass connector and insulation system.

Developed in 1980, it has been used in more than 100-million square feet of plant precast and site-cast-tilt-up construction around the world.

Designed to create a non-composite insulated concrete sandwich wall, the system is unique in that it ties the two wythes or layers of concrete together yet allows the layers to work independently of one another. One layer is typically the structural element and the other is an architectural wythe. This independent behavior eliminates the thermal bowing present in structurally composite panels and provides a wall system that is not affected by significant temperature differentials between interior conditioned space and the outdoor environment.

The two main components of the system are MC/MS series fiber-composite connectors and either extruded polystyrene or polyisocyanurate insulation. Thermomass supplies both components of the system – the connectors and the fabricated insulation as a complete system.

The MC/MS series connectors are installed through pre-determined holes in the rigid insulation, providing a grid of connectors across the body of the panel. The MC/MS series fiber composite connectors are tested in accordance with ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria 320 and are listed with ICC-ES (ESR 1746), verifying their compliance with the building code.