Tilt-Up Construction

Suitable for virtually any project type, Tilt-Up construction provides a number of cost-saving benefits

Tilt-Up construction is an economically efficient way of casting wall panels with the Thermomass insulation systems.

Panels are produced on-site by using the building floor slab as the primary casting surface. This eliminates the cost of transporting panels to the site, plus it uses local materials and labor.

First the exterior layer of concrete is poured and leveled. Then the pre-fabricated, pre-drilled insulation sheets are arranged on top of the unhardened concrete according to the individual panel drawings. The patented Thermomass connectors are inserted through the predrilled holes. After placing lifting devices, bracing inserts and required reinforcement, the structural wythe is poured.

Once cured, these panels are lifted into place to form the building envelope. The high strength of the Thermomass connectors hold the sandwiched layers of concrete and insulation secure during the entire process.